Business Services:

Edward R. Kirby & Associates understands the needs of businesses for solid information to make the critical day-to-day decisions that protect both human resources and valuable assets.  With over 40 years experience in conducting investigations and offering consultation to corporations of all sizes, Kirby’s services can improve the bottom line by preventing losses, providing protective solutions and allowing your business to continue to flourish in these tough economic times.

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Attorney Services:

Edward R. Kirby & Associates are experts at providing the assistance attorneys need to win at trial.  Kirby investigators have been developing solid information and uncovering vital evidence for the legal profession since 1969.  By providing key facts through a variety of investigative techniques, Kirby clients are in a position to prevail at trial and have the upper hand in negotiations.

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Intellectual Property: 

Your ideas are often your most valuable product and at the same time are the most vulnerable to theft.  With over 25 years experience in combating intellectual property theft, Kirby & Associates has an enviable reputation with some of the world’s most famous brand holders as the go-to firm for brand protection.  With our investigative expertise, strong enforcement program and outstanding law enforcement contacts, we can significantly reduce the loss in value of your trademarks and brand identity.  We provide the information you need to combat and defeat intellectual property theft.

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