Benefits We Offer

Reduce Liability

Since 1969, Edward R. Kirby & Associates has assisted clients in both the legal profession and in industry in becoming more profitable by offering solutions that minimize potential loss.  With relevant and timely information, clients are in position to know what needs to be done in matters that affect the bottom line.  Whether applied to settlement negotiations, due diligence, security surveys, or personnel decisions, having facts at hand will reduce your liability and improve your bottom line.


Achieve Case Resolution

Whether the case at hand is in the court system or a matter of corporate concern, Kirby & Associates provides the facts you need to resolve the problem.  We afford clients the confidence to come to a reasoned decision and know that there are no unintended consequences.  With solid, fact-based data, problems are dealt with and solutions are obtained.


Make Informed and Confident Decisions

Executives and attorneys are faced each day with a number of critical decisions in dealing with businesses and clients.  We offer the information you need to make informed, intelligent judgments.  With the facts at hand, you can be sure that you are in a position to make those decisions with resolve and clarity.


Protect Assets and Intellectual Property

For over 40 years, Edward R. Kirby & Associates has assisted businesses, from Fortune 200 firms to start-ups, in keeping their profits out of the hands of strangers.  By investigating, identifying and building cases against business criminals, Kirby investigators have a proven track record resolving losses and making recoveries.  More importantly, Edward R. Kirby & Associates has the experience to offer intelligent solutions to prevent losses before they occur.  Whether the assets are your human resources, intellectual property or physical inventory, we help you protect and keep what is yours.