Our Code of Ethics

  1. To provide effective solutions to client’s problems and to keep the client’s best interests in mind in all respects.

  2. To conduct each investigation in accordance with all legal requirements.

  3. To conduct each investigation in a fair and impartial manner, professionally, ethically and without predisposition.

  4. To secure evidence in a manner so that it will be readily accepted by any trier of fact or court of law.

  5. To prepare accurate and unbiased reports in a prompt manner.

  6. To recognize an obligation to be fair to every client, subject, witness and person touched by the investigation.

  7. To understand the confidential nature of our work and to be conscious of the individual privacy rights of both clients and subjects.

  8. To understand the power of information and to never abuse our professional abilities to secure facts.
  9. To refuse to work any investigation that would interfere or subvert any legitimate law enforcement activity.

  10. To not work for reward or bounty for a favorable result, but to charge a fair fee based upon on honest effort to provide solutions.