About Us

Edward R. Kirby & Associates was established in 1969 as a full-service investigative agency for businesses and the legal profession by Edward R. Kirby (1919-1991) following a successful career in military, law enforcement and corporate investigations. Over the years the firm has developed an enviable reputation in specialty areas including corporate fraud investigations (white-collar crime), complex litigation support, intellectual property matters and high-profile criminal defense cases. The firm is skilled in investigative techniques such as interviewing and interrogation, surveillance, researching databases and the Internet, undercover work and case analysis, all designed to provide solutions to difficult problems. Additionally, members of the firm have been deemed experts and provided testimony in federal and circuit court on such issues as intellectual property matters, workplace violence prevention, investigative and security malpractice.

The firm has a staff of diverse, talented investigators from a variety of law enforcement and corporate backgrounds which allows the company latitude in assigning the best qualified person to each case, or often working in collaboration, leveraging diverse skills leading to solutions.

The firm is licensed in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. In addition to providing services in these states, the company maintains a relationship with well-established agencies throughout the United States that allows for the firm to work with them in areas under their license, or in some cases a direct referral. Through its active membership in various international associations, Kirby & Associates has a worldwide network of trusted investigators in many foreign countries, throughout the European Union, China and Southeast Asia, South Africa and in parts of South America.

The company remains a family owned and operated business, now in third generation. The firm is currently managed by James R. Kirby, president, who has been with the company since 1986; Kevin M. Read, vice president, and Steven Kirby, chairman, who has been with the company since its inception.